Land Hawk 18X9.50X8 for ATV or Golf Cart Model IA-8007A

18X9.50-8 Land Hawk 13lbs $49
21X7-10 Land Hawk $59

Innova's IA-8007A Land Hawk:
Small sport quad or supped up golf cart needing some traction?
Land Hawk is your best choice and value.
Available  in
18-9.50-8 Deep tread, built in rim guard, added puncture resistance tires.
Use in place of 18x8.50-8 golf cart tires and riding mowers that have 18x850-8 tires on them as well, no more getting stuck in wet grass.

This directional ā€œVā€ angled tread design with tread blocks for great cleaning action over tough terrain.

If you need we have 8ā€ 4lug white golf wheels we can mount these on for you.