7.50-16 SKID STEER SNOW SET ON RIMS (4 tires on 4 rims)

7.50-16 SKID STEER SNOW SET ON RIMS (4 tires on 4 rims)
English Size
75016 7.50X16
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  • Overview

    ~ Your kit will come completely assembled bolt on ready to plow snow. 
    ~ Valve stem guard to protect your valve stems, stud holes and chamfered on both
    sides to run narrow or wide offset. Valve stem out back side offset is 4x3/4 inch,
    Installed valve stem inboard will have 2" back side offset.
    ~ We utilize the Heavy Duty Rugged 7.50 x 16/10ply Deestone New Tires,
    Deep tread depth of 20.32nds Deep.
    ~ OD of 32.5" which we can replace your current 10x16.5 or 12x16.5 tires with
    8 on 8 and 8 on 10.75 bolt patterns.
    ~ By utilizing the narrow tread width we can increase the cubic square inches
    of ground pressure, thus increasing your traction on snow and ice verses
    traditional wider body 10 & 12-16.5" tires


  • Tire Specifications
    33 × 7.5 × 33 in
    350 lb
  • Warranty

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